2002 Yamaha FZ1, Liquid Silver

June 2004. I can't stand it anymore. I'm obsessed.

But I don't want a cruiser. I want something with four cylinders, and I don't want the "biker" look.

Now, the VStar was very, very comfortable. Most people told me that I would soon outgrow a 650cc motorcycle, but I really did not find that to be the case. No, it wasn't fast. Top speed was barely over 90. I'll bet my Saturn will do 100, but I've never had occasion to find out.

But the VStar 650 took off quicker than most cars can. In everyday driving/riding, that's all that really matters.

Yamaha has a new model in the US for 2004, the FZ6. It's a 600cc bike that you might call this a standard, or you might call it a "naked sportbike" (except it has a half fairing). In any case, I like it, and so do a lot of other people. For that reason, they don't stay at the dealer very long, and the sell for sticker price ($6499). The Honda 599, a similar bike but without the fairing, lists for $7099, but they sell for the same price as the FZ6.

So I kept going back to Tejas Motorsports in Highlands, TX, which is sort-of on my way home from work. The first time I went in there to look for an FZ6 they had one. The next few times, they didn't. But this time, there was an '02 model FZ1 there. They had brought it from a dealership in Victoria that they had bought. They don't sell many of that type of motorcycle down there, so they've been bringing them to Highlands (near Houston). The price was $7099. The list price is $8499, so that was a pretty good discount. (Of course, it's a two-year-old model.) I liked it. It fit, and it felt good.

But I have no need for a 1000cc bike. None whatsoever. I told the salesman that I really didn't need anything like that. And besides, it's still $600 more than the FZ6, and since it's impossible to justify the purchase of a motorcycle, well, I guess I won't really consider it.

"So what if I can sell it to you for the price of the FZ6?" he says.


I've installed a Motech Alu-rack luggage rack, and need to get a decent trunk for it. Currently I'm using a tailbag to carry my junk. That works out pretty well, but if I ever want to ride with friends, and with my wife, then the trunk will hold the extra helmet when we're stopped, hold her purse when we're going, and serve to keep her from feeling like she's about to fall off.

On October 23rd I took a bunch of pictures in decent settings. This first one is sized in 16:9 (1280x768) format and I use it as wallpaper on my PC. Click this image to get the full-sized one.

Most of the rest are 1280x960, but a couple which are 1024x768.

I replaced the original windscreen with a ZeroGravity Sport Touring screen. I am very pleased with it. It moves the wind that was on my shoulders out away from me, and the head buffeting is practically gone. Here are comparison shots of the original and new windscreen.

Stock, 3 quarter view

Stock, side view

Stock, front view

Stock, from the seat

Zero Gravity, 3 quarter view

Zero Gravity, side view

Zero Gravity, front view

Zero Gravity, from the seat.


Here are some pictures of the bike when I first got it, followed by pictures of the installation of the luggage rack.

Click on a thumbnail to see the 1024x768 picture.


MoTech Alu-rack luggage rack, purchased from Twisted Throttle. I wish that they could have preserved the look of the passenger grab rails, but it doesn't detract too much from the overall look of the bike.


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