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Adam's 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

Okay, this car was a bad choice. We had a 1990 Lumina with the same engine, and it was a great car! Anyway, it leaked the oil out and threw a rod after we'd had it 6 months, so our $3000 car required a $2700 engine rebulid.  The car also leaked.  The carpet in front would be soaked and there was standing water on the floor in the back after a big rain.  I replaced the seals on the door windows, and I caulked the back side windows and re-sealed all of the weather stripping, but it didn't completely cure the problem

To get the car ready for college, Adam took it and had new struts and shocks installed and a four wheel alignment, about $700.  I had to buy a jack and a spare tire (it didn't come with them), and I replaced one headlight that was clouded.  We had nearly $6500 into this car, and after 18 months on the rebuild (12 month warranty), it blew a head gasket.  The car had never overheated and wasn't hot at the time.

The mechanic gave me $100.  If he doesn't have to mill the aluminum head, he should make a profit when he sells it.

What to do now? Well, 0% financing is a great deal. It literally saves thousands of dollars in finance charges, so on November 9, 2002, Adam bought a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Go to this page to see it.

Next up... well, Jesse will be 16 next week.  I don't want to make the same "used car" mistake that I made before, but I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on a car for a 16 year old to drive... check the website for updates!


Now we have three cars!  On August 12, 2000, we bought a 1991 Cavalier Z24 for Adam to drive.

Here are a few photos.

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